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Project This Is Me

Ready to get the f%ck out of your own way?

Project This Is Me

Ready to get the f%ck out of your own way?

A movement.

What is Project
This Is me?

Project This is Me was founded upon the roots of revolution. It was created as a vessel for change. 

It was designed to be an embodiment of desire for truth, authenticity and purpose. We created this movement because we all focus on how we perceive, the way others perceive us...and that's ass-backwards.


Our mission is to get you back to who you were, before you conformed to what you presumed what was expected of you;

Clearing the path to create everything you’ve ever wanted to become.  Everything.

Change your life

Meet the Founders


What is this Immersion 84?

What Are People Saying?

Don't just take our word for it!


I’ve known Grant for a long time. His process and understanding of guiding people to their best life is his gift. Few people care about their family, friends and clients  the way Grant always does and that shines through in the level of commitment he brings to all of his relationships.

Ben Pakulski
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder | Entrepreneur | Loving Father

For those who are wondering “Is this what I need?” Or “Why choose Celeste & Grant” - allow me to share some thoughts. This team is judgment free and 100% there for their clients. As friends, Celeste and Grant have offered me support that is woven into the fabric of my days and you will get the same support through #ProjectThisisMe. Through their project, which I have had the rare opportunity to see glimpses of, I believe anyone would obtain value from it and perhaps even the opportunity to cope with life and its small shocks a bit better.

Hali Utstein

Celeste and Grant are two of the kindest people I’ve ever met. They’ve both dedicated their lives to becoming better humans on a daily basis. They regularly use their voices to encourage others to do the same. I have known Celeste for more than a decade and she has always had a massive and giving heart. I immediately connected with Grant upon first meeting him because of his authentic warmth. I have been very proud to call them both friends and look forward to all the ways they will help people overcome their past trauma and grow.

Ettore Ewen | Big E
Philanthropist | WWE Personality

It’s been said that the two things you can control in life is your attitude and your effort. That may be true. It’s also been said that your attitude and effort alone won’t take you far. Enter Grant and Celeste. Two individuals who embody the critical leadership skills necessary to not just inspire your greatness but see you through the journey until it becomes yours to own. No nonsense, clarity driven and servant based - these two are the modern day dynamic duo. Accomplished and successful in their own rights, together they are both unstoppable and a true inspiration to the thousands of people they inspire everyday through their words and actions. I am honored to know them both and have them in my corner of life. If you are considering leveling up yours, then consider contacting Grant and Celeste.

Joshua Miller
Master Certified Executive + Personal Coach | TedTalk Speaker | Amazon Best Selling Author

I came to Grant feeling broken, helpless, unloved and full of trauma. I came with a lot of self hatred, past abuse, low self worth, eating disorders.

I had been to the psych ward, rehab, many many therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, none made me want to do better, to get better.

I never expected someone to be able to push through my thick wall of armour that was protecting my innermost secrets! I never thought someone could teach me to cry again, to have emotion, to feel again! 

The past 7 months of healing I’ve done with Grant, and Celeste have been life changing, I know that sounds drastic, but this duo, have shared their experiences with me so I know I’m not alone! Knowing some of their struggles and their successes , their stories of conquering their own traumas and demons gave me the strength to push when I didn’t want to. And I wanted to quit, but Grant wouldn’t let me, I had to learn to give myself grace and continue fighting!

I am so grateful that I hit follow on Instagram 7 months ago! Today, I’m eating daily, I’m working out, most importantly I’m working on a better relationship with myself, all because of them!

Thank you for never giving up on me!

Denise Armstrong
BC, Canada

I’ve written letters of recommendation for coworkers and friends before, so when Celeste asked me to write a testimonial about her and Grant, I thought it would be a breeze.  However, when I sat down to write it, the words became difficult to find.  How do you describe one individual that’s so unique, let alone two?  When it comes to technical writing, I’m a whiz.  Describing people’s technical skill sets is straight forward, but putting the way someone makes you feel on paper is a whole other task.  When Celeste and Grant walk into a room, the focus quickly shifts to them due to their unique style and larger than life personas.  They then have a way of turning that around and making you their center of attention.  With big hugs and genuine interest in your well being, Celeste and Grant let you know that they’re there for you.  Getting to know them over the past few years and being lucky enough to call them friends has been an uplifting journey.  They’d almost seem cliché and fake to the unwitting party.  The amount of positivity projected from them could be misconstrued as a mask.  To those of us who know them, however, know they practice the power of positivity and their motto, “Lead with Love,” is not just a motto, it’s how they live every moment.  Their outpouring of love and support for their friends bleeds over into their professional life.  You’ll never meet two more ambitious people.  They strive for success in all they do, but it’s not for the typical reasons.  Are they trying to make money, hell yes!  It’s not what drives them, though.  These two want to leave the world a better place than they found it by inspiring anyone and everyone.  It’s my hope that as many people as possible can experience the magic that these two have rubbed off on me.  I’ll continue to lead with love because of them and look forward to all the others that will do the same because of Celeste and Grant.   

Sam Franklin
I.T. | Ninja | All-around amazing human

Grant is a gift. He saw through the prickly brush of my life’s narrative and helped me examine things one branch at a time. He’s the kind of coach who would cry with me over video chat, and also challenge the most vulnerable parts of me as I dug my heels into self-righteousness and ego. He’s generous with his time and his resources and despite all of my efforts to convince him otherwise, he believed in me. Since working with Grant, I see my goals through a different lens. All of my “if’s” have turned to “when’s”. I’m no longer afraid to unmute myself from a conference call. I no longer shy away from really hard conversations with family and loved ones. I no longer add caveats to my career dreams. At 41 years old, I feel more aligned with myself than ever before. Grant helped get me here. 

One of the best ways to crystallize what it means to be mentored by Grant is to say that he is capable of pushing you to the very edge of “becoming” and then let’s you define what it looks like from there. He’s a really special guy.

Kears Rossi
NYC | Professional bad-ass

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