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What is Project This Is Me?

Project This is Me.

 A movement.

 Project This is Me was founded upon the roots of revolution.

 It was created as a vessel for change. 

It was designed to be an embodiment of desire for truth, authenticity and purpose.

We created this movement because we all focus on how we perceive, the way others perceive us. It’s ass backwards.

Whether in the weight room, the boardroom or the bedroom, we all operate from a place of who and what we believe we’re supposed to be.

No one ever showed us how to know who we truly are at our core.

Most of us have no idea.

Most of us think that the real version of ourselves could never be good enough, so we spend our lives trying to become SOMEONE.

Someone who has their shit together.

Someone who has financial wealth, the perfect body, the ideal partner.

Someone who has it all. 

But who the f%ck is SOMEONE?  

Who cares?! You are YOU.

You’re a f%cking magnum opus.

You’re the only YOU on the face of this planet.

Own it.

Realize that the life you’ve always wanted is not just a mirage. It has simply been hidden from your sight. Hidden in the deep dark corners of your mind. 

And to find’ll have to venture into the dark and face all of your shit.  

It won’t kill you. It will open you. 

It will open you to...

Be moved.

Taste liberation from the weight of SOMEONE else’s standards.

Make your own rules.

Honor everything that you are. 

Take ownership of your f%cking life., proclaim ‘THIS IS ME’.


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